Expatstudy: Research without borders. 

Expatstudy is a research project by Hanna Sophie Simmons for the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich on the relationship between expatriation and career success. In order to keep this research unbiased and meet the highest research standards, the project information disclosed at this point in time has to remain minimal. This is the only way to ensure that participants of the survey are not influenced by previous research findings or the popular press.

It is, however, safe to say that up to now, relatively little is known about the impact of international assignments on employees’ careers and very little solid data has been collected. Moreover, what has been composed stems almost exclusively from North American researchers aiming to explain the processes in North American Multi-National-Companys. Expatriation and repatriation issues cannot be generalized worldwide, as immense differences in repatriation policies, the recruitment and selection of expatriate personnel, sense of loyalty between the employees and their company, international staffing policies, expatriate contract length, and a country’s volume of self-initiated expatriates exist. Thus, with organizations around the world having never implemented a uniform stance on expatriation, more conclusive research on the relationship of international assignments and repatriates’ career success is absolutely essential.