Confidentiality & Privacy Statement

The survey promoted on Expatstudy.com is part of a PhD research project conducted by Hanna Sophie Simmons for the Ludwig-Maximilans-University of Munich. The general purpose of this research is to better understand how expatriates' careers develop after repatriation. 

The research conducted for Expatstudy.com is 100% non-commercial. All participants of this page's survey are guaranteed to be protected 100% by anonymity and no information will be gathered that could lead to the identification of an individual. All research records will at all times remain strictly confidential. At no point in time will any reserach material of participants be released to any third party. Any responses containing identifying material of any sort (e.g. name of individual, name of organization, etc.) will at once be removed and destroyed. The only use of the collected data is for statistical evaluation. 

The main researcher Hanna Sophie Simmons can be contacted at all times at Hanna@expatstudy.com. The supervisor of this project, Prof. Dr. Tippelt can be contacted here. 

Thank you very much for your help! Your participation is vital for the success of this project.