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Expatstudy.com needs to reach the next 100-participant-milestone by the end today! 12 people can make this happen. So if you haven't participated in the 10minute survey, now would be a great time! And if you have already, please tell your colleagues, friends, or family about expatstudy.com. And don't forget: Everyone taking the survey and contacting us will get a free rock album till the end of October!

Are you scared of saying NO to your boss?

The Expatstudy-Team was dumbfounded last night, after analyzing some data and finding out that one major reason why more than half of all former and current expatriates accepted their assignment was their fear of negative consequences if refusing it. How about you? Did you ever refuse an assignment and what happened to your career afterwards? Would you ever move aborad for a longer period of time to please your boss? Expatstudy.com needs to hear from you!